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Kylie Gibson is one of the co-founders of Electric City Physiotherapy.  Kylie brings a wealth of experience back to Peterborough after working in high performance sport for the past 6 years at the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario.  While her focus has been on preparing provincial and national team athletes for international competition she continues to have a passion for working with any individual who is motivated to improve their mobility, function and or sport performance. 

The many Olympic and Paralympic medalists that have worked with Kylie all agree that her enthusiasm, skill and evidence-informed approach to therapy are unparalleled.  During her tenure at CSIO Kylie collaborated closely with leading sport medicine physicians and therapists from across the country to create systems of care for the current and next generation of Team Canada’s athletes.  The sport medicine philosophy that she brought to the national sport system was one focused on the athlete’s health and well-being first and foremost followed by optimizing performance.

Kylie is well known in the area for her previous work at Trent University with both the varsity athletes/teams as well as members of the community.   Improving movement for function and performance is what motivates Kylie when working with clients, while individualized goal setting is how she helps her clients to achieve their desired results.  Therapeutic exercise remains at the core of her treatment success as a way to encourage clients to be active and engaged participants in their rehab journey.

Kylie completed her Masters of Physiotherapy at McMaster University following an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Certificate in Sport Therapy at York University.  She is a member of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy and obtained her Diploma of Sport Physiotherapy early in her career.  Kylie is extremely excited to be back in Peterborough working with as part of a proven team of health care practitioners. 

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